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Meet the Team

This is us! Read about each of us, or find out more on our individual profiles. Keep scrolling to see our team values.

Tropical Flower

The Team at B&T

Licensed. Experienced. Supportive.

We are a group of online trauma therapists and couples counselors who delight in learning more about how to best walk with our clients on their journey. Being a trauma-informed practice is so important to us!


Our practice specializes in online trauma therapy and online couples counseling because we are deeply passionate about helping our clients heal their relationship to themselves and those they love. Our clients are young professionals who are seeking balance in their lives.


We hold space for our clients to be truly themselves, with open-mindedness and nonjudgmentalness.


Being kind and gentle is hard to come by these days. We create a space that is safe and, sometimes, full of laughter and finding the delight in the small things.


Whether it's maintaining our trauma-informed status, learning more about the LGBTQ+ movement, or better understanding our clients' cultural identity, we welcome our clients as the experts of their own lives.

A screen-grab from our recent team meeting!

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