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An open letter from an unhappy partner.

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Remember how it felt when we first got together? Everything fresh, new, happy? I can't say that's gone, but it's faded, like the jeans you wore on our first date. I’m tired, baby. And it's no one's fault. We have so much going on, both of us. I'm tired, you're stressed. Some days those roles are switched. It creates a gap between us and I feel that loneliness so much.

I know you need something from me that I'm not giving you, but I can't always figure out what that is. And if we're being honest, you're not always there for me in the ways I need you to be.

I want to get back to the days when we felt the sublime connection to each other from the moment we woke up. I could live in the minutes when I brushed your hair off your face and said "good morning." Now it's noon before I'm even really awake. The day goes by in a blur and I don't know where you are. I need you to come back to me.

Whatever has happened between us, I know neither of us meant it. Life is hard and we try so hard to be good. Responsibilities, interests, the unexpected trials of each moment. These things drill down and create distance between us. It happened so slowly, we didn't know it happened until our relationship was cold on the plate.

This is all an insufficient way to say: I miss you. Let's both find the space where we can be together, be present, love each other like we used to. You're my everything and I'm not going to fall away from you anymore.


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