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Workplace Mental Health

Why Workplace Mental Health?

Because we're frustrated!

Our therapy clients are so motivated to create a better life for themselves, and sometimes their place of work really doesn't understand how to best support them in that journey, or even why it would benefit them to do so.

Their workplace doesn't know that by helping their employees maintain better mental health, their company gets stronger with less time off due to burnout, better communication about solving problems, lower turnover rates, and attracting and keeping the highest performing employees! It's a win-win when organizations learn how to keep their employees mentally strong.

So, what are your options?

HR Consultation

Does your HR team have the appropriate mental health awareness to fully support their employees? We provide trainings and education to help create trauma-informed, mental-health-supporting Human Resource teams!

Leadership Coaching

It's no secret that being a leader comes with many challenges, including communicating with employees, managing their own burnout, creating space for life outside of work, and being a successful leader of people. We can help guide you through all these challenges and more on your way to become the leader you were meant to be!

Employee Education

Are you looking for mental health education services for your employees? We can provide tailored webinars for your employees that teach them the basics of mental health management, creating better relationships at work, how to prioritize/delegate work, and much more! 

Our Workplace Consultant

Meg Delp, LMFT

Meg is one of our trauma specialists, who is also an organizational psychology professional! She is happy to chat more with you about bringing accessible mental health education to your workplace. Reach out, or learn more here.

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